Trace element composition of silicate minerals in the porphyritic and nonporphyritic chondrules of Elenovka (L5) and Knyahinya (L/Ll5) meteorites

1Kristina Sukhanova,1,2Sergey Skublov,1Olga Galankina,2ElenaKotova
Geochemistry (Chemie der Erde) (in Press) Link to Article []
1Institute of Precambrian Geology and Geochronology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Makarova emb. 2, 199034 St.-Petersburg, Russia
2Saint Petersburg Mining University, 21st Line 2, 199106 St.-Petersburg, Russia
Copyright Elsevier

The results of SIMS and EPMA studies on the silicate minerals and bulk compositions (SEM-EDS) of porphyritic and nonporphyritic chondrules from Elenovka and Knyahinya meteorites are reported. The trace element composition of silicate minerals (olivine, low-Са pyroxene) in equilibrated ordinary chondrites (EOC) has not been affected considerably by thermal metamorphism on the chondritic parent bodies. Therefore, equilibrated chondrites can be used for chondrule-forming processes studies. Low-Са pyroxene in nonporphyritic chondrules contains higher REE, Ba, Sr concentrations than that in porphyritic chondrules at similar trace element concentrations in the olivine of chondrules. The data obtained indicate that the formation of non-porphyritic chondrules was triggered by an increase in the cooling rate of chondrules upon the formation of pyroxene, rather than a difference in the initial conditions of chondrule formation. Higher refractory incompatible element (Nb, LREE) concentrations in the olivine of chondrules than those in the olivine of the matrix and contrasting trace element (Zr, Sr, Cr, REE) concentrations in the low-Са pyroxene of the chondrules and the matrix suggest that the matrix and chondrules of the meteorites formed in one reservoir under different physico-chemical conditions (density, redox state, rotation speed, homogeneity, temperature, shocks, electrical discharge, etc.).


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