What is Cosmochemistry Papers? The purpose of this blog is to provide an up-to-date overview of publications in the field of cosmochemistry. Cosmochemistry Papers aims to present all peer reviewed publications – including PhD-theses – in the fields of cosmochemistry, meteoritics, analytical planetology, impact research and related fields dealing with the subject mainly from an analytical angle. We are also interested in related papers from planetary remote sensing, astrophysics, astrobiology and modelling.

The site is updated daily – except weekends – after a manual search through these journals. In order not to miss out on any papers published in other journals, we also conduct a monthly ‘dragnet’ search, to have a complete coverage.

There are weekly roundups of the papers published in the last 7 days, as well as a seperate overview for the PhD theses.

Cosmochemistry Papers is also a professional forum (and professional includes students), to discuss and comment new papers in a professional environment. If you are the author of the article, feel free to post additional information. But please remember, it is visible to anyone to read. It is up to you to comment with your clear name or with a nick name. This openness depends on the quality of contributions. Think of this forum as an extension from meeting and hallway discussions. Be different, be supportive or be right. Simply remain fair to other opinions.

Who? This blog was launched in 2013 by administrator Dominik Hezel (University of Cologne), and is currently daily updated by A. Morlok (University of Münster) and D. Hezel. Of course, we are always interested in volunteers to help.

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