Reflectance spectroscopy of ammonium-bearing phyllosilicates

1M.Ferrari, 1S.De Angelis, 1M.C.De Sanctis, 2E.Ammannito, 1S.Stefani, 1G.Piccioni
Icarus (in Press) Link to Article []
1IAPS-INAF, Via fosso del Cavaliere, 100, 00133, Rome, Italy
2Agenzia Spaziale Italiana, Via del Politecnico, 00133, Rome, Italy
Copyright Elsevier

The identification of NH4-bearing phyllosilicates on Ceres poses the question on the NH4-carrier phase(s) and in this study we describe the laboratory production and IR spectroscopic measurements of a suite of ten NH4-phyllosilicates, starting from the corresponding NH4-free minerals. For each mineral, we prepared three types of powder samples: raw (R), ammoniated (A), and leached (L). All samples have been spectrally characterized by means of visible/infrared spectroscopy in the INAF-IAPS laboratories with the FieldSpec Pro in the 0.35-2.5 μm range, and with the FT-IR, using a Vertex 80 spectrometer operating in the range of 2 to 14 µm. The samples were also measured with the SPectral IMager, an imaging spectrometer operating in the spectral range 0.2 – 5.1 µm, which is a replica of the VIR spectrometer on-board Dawn spacecraft. Reflectance spectra of the ammoniated clays show bands near 1.56 μm, 2.05 μm, 2.12 μm, 3.06 μm, 3.25 μm, 3.55 μm, 4.2 μm, 5.7 μm and 7.0 μm that are related to the presence of nitrogen complexes. Treatment of phyllosilicates with ammonia shows that different minerals behave in different ways: NH4+ ions are easily accepted by the smectites, while other non-expandable structures do not accept these ions. The obtained results can be used to better constrain the NH4-bearing species present on Ceres and, possibly, other bodies of the solar system.


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