Welcome to Cosmochemistry Papers


We live in the best time to do science – ever. Never before did we know so much about the world and the universe than we know today. New knowledge arrives every day and at an incredible pace. We are making it easy to oversee all the progress that is made each day in cosmochemistry, and aggregate all cosmochemistry related, peer-reviewed articles (GCA, EPSL, MAPS, ApJ, Nature, Science, you name it, we have it, see Journals). You are able to discuss and comment all articles hot of the press.

This is a professional forum, but it is on the web and so it is visible to anyone to read. In the beginning, there will be no restrictions and no moderation regarding comments. It is up to you to comment with your clear name or with a nick name. This initial openness might change, as  ensuring a high quality of contributions is of paramount importance.

Professional includes students. Explicitly.

Cosmochemistry Papers is a new way to foster scientific discussions. At least, that is what you will find here in the beginning, it might be more in the future, but first things first. It is a start, and we have to see how it develops.

The site is updated daily – except weekends – after a careful, manual search through these journals.


How to Comment

Very simple – just click on the grey speech bubble at the right of each heading, then start typing.


Always Remember

This forum is for you to discuss and comment cosmochemistry news in a professional environment. If you are the author of the article, feel free to post additional information.

Think of this forum as an extension from meeting and hallway discussions. Be different, be supportive or be right. Simply remain fair to other opinions.

If you don’t see your recent article here, go to Feedback and tell us.


Open Access

Open-access articles are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.


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