Lunar surface temperature estimation and thermal emission correction using Chandrayaan-2 imaging infrared spectrometer data for H2O & OH detection using 3 μm hydration feature

1Prabhakar Alok Verma,1Mamta Chauhan,1Prakash Chauhan
Icarus (in Press) Link to Article []
1Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Indian Space Research Organisation, Dehradun, India
Copyright Elsevier

This paper presents the methodology for correction of thermal emission from the Imaging Infrared Spectrometer sensor data onboard the recently launched Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft. The sensor provides extended spectral range of 0.8–5 μm and a spectral resolution of ~20 nm. The Imaging Infrared Spectrometer measures the reflected and emitted radiation of the Moon at a spatial resolution of ~80 m and has an advantage over the previous sensors in complete and clear characterization of OH/H2O feature. The thermal removal method follows calculation of the mean surface temperature at a fixed emissivity to obtain thermally corrected spectra. Further, the data have been utilized to generate temperature map of the Moon from the available data strips. The data after thermal correction can be further utilized to understand and derive the radiative and thermophysical properties of regolith and volatiles on the Moon.


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